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Apple iPhonePundits proper are wading in on today’s Keynote (you’ll be able to see it here later). I followed the keynote via the MacRumors IRC feed (thanks for the Colloquy tip Volker!), which was very good. Overall I enjoyed the event: the first I’ve properly followed all the way through. Some will always be disappointed: Apple set themselves up for this with the hype factor, but hey, that’s showbusiness! (and say what you like about Jobs, he is the consummate showman).

I think appletv is headed in the right direction—I certainly wouldn’t say no, and the price point is OK. What wasn’t mentioned? Well, how about the new Airport Extreme base station? It has support for 802.11n, and there are software enablers for all modern Macs to take advantage of this. That’s a nice bump right there, price notwithstanding. The only real omission was an OS X update. Whither Leopard?

But of course, what everyone’s talking about is iPhone. And what a beast that is going to be. OK, so many are bound to pick holes in the implementation (I want a massive screen, camera and computing power, but it must still be only two inches tall!), but this is the start of a new line of big products: I can see a lot of people going for things like this as time goes by.

Some will whinge about the size factor or the fact that is has no buttons, but you know, they’re totally missing the point (and besides, I see people on the train every day lugging a PSP, a phone and an iPod…). A sea-change was required, and by God we got it. Anyone remember when Apple, gasp, released a computer without a floppy disk drive and with this new-fangled USB thing?

iPhone has a stripped version of OS X in it! Widgets! Email! WebKit web browsing! Integration with Google and Yahoo! If you really need to, you can dial a number on it, the old-fashioned way. But the whole point of this thing is that you can use touch and gestures to find the people you want to talk to, and then connect with them. I have high hopes for the gesture-based technology. Even the Macbook I’m typing on right now has some lovely wee tricks in this area (e.g. two-fingered glides on the trackpad mean scrolling; a double-digit click is the equivalent of a right-click, and so on).

Be sure to check out the new Get a Mac video too. Lots of fun!


  1. I have a major write up I'm working on about this thing. It's as cool as it gets, and it's going to be the best thing to happen to musical artists in the last 20 years.Nathan T. Freeman#
  2. I was so impressed with the functionality of the phone. It really raises the standard on what a smartphone should be. I think I just may have to jump on the bandwagon come June. I already use Cingular, so it should be straight forward enough.Simon Barratt#
  3. I like this quote:
    "I have always wished that my computer would be as easy to use as my telephone. My wish has come true. I no longer know how to use my telephone." - Bjarne StroustrupBrian Green#

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