Today has been very trying

About the only thing that has kept me from screaming at the top of my lungs and smashing things is (a) chatting with chums on Skype / Sametime so that I could “vent” and (b) choons! Specifically, it has been a jazzy, fusion-y sort of day today.

Screencap from my page today

Tomorrow could be a different story though. Tomorrow could be full-on Audioslave with some good old Van Halen thrown in for good measure… Potential correspondents, you have been warned! :-D


  1. Jaco is always good for the soul.

    The first time I heard the intro to Birdland I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

    What's got you so frustrated?Nathan T. Freeman#
  2. Ben… if we're ever together in LA, by the way, Tom Morello's a friend of a friend. We'll have to go meet him. :)Nathan T. Freeman#
  3. Jaco Pastorius must be the best bassist I've ever heard. As with Nathan, when I first heard Birdland, I was blown away.

    The forced harmonics and his intricate fret work still astounds me.

    His premature death robbed the world of a truly talented musician.TheOldGit#
  4. Indeed; I still remember the day he died (my fifteenth birthday). What a waste.Ben Poole#
  5. "his intricate fret work still astounds me"

    Actually, he played fretless. So we can't really call it fret work, can we?

    "Neckwork" perhaps?Nathan T. Freeman#
  6. @4, Nathan: done! Cool :-)

    @8 (Nathan again): sigh. There’s always one… ;-) Actually, unless I’m mistaken, some footage I have of Weather Report in 1978 shows Jaco playing a fretted and a fretless…Ben Poole#

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