Mark Pilgrim has lost it

It’s a widely-known fact that Mark Pilgrim has a thing about Apple nowadays, so this post wasn’t entirely surprising. But for such an intelligent man, the leap he makes in his latest is nothing short of extraordinary. Bewildering. The words “storm” and “teacup” come to mind:

Yes, I acknowledge that there is a thriving metropolis of independent developers successfully selling commercial software that runs on Mac OS X. I have, in my life, bought some of it. But Apple doesn’t give a damn. Steve Jobs doesn’t build platforms, except by accident. He doesn’t care about your thriving metropolis. All you independent Mac developers: you’re all sharecroppers, and your rent just went up. Way up.

This comment—about Macs and OS X—comes in a post ranting about the fact that the forthcoming iPhone is going to be a closed platform. Wha…?

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As for the general furore over iPhones not being open to programmers, is it really the end of the world? The phone will be, uh, a phone. And an iPod. And it will do web browsing. And widgets. I would say there are plenty of opportunities right there. If you really need to code midlets and the like for your handset, there are plenty of other options without all this hysteria (especially in reference to Jobs: we all know he’s a megalomaniac :-D).

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