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OK, OK, so the opening general session was amazing, and yes, that is pretty awesome having Neil Armstrong there! (I went to his alma mater don’t you know. Ah, Purdue how I loved thee…)

But enough of your Lotus Connections, Quickr, and all that! What I’m really delighted to learn is that the lovely Theresa is still at Raglan’s in downtown Disney! Oh sweet sweet joy. She mesmerised me last year. LOL.

Elfworld on Flickr: A Man is in Love.

… and my attempt last year: benpoole on Flickr: Theresa.


  1. Letter from Lotusphere 07,

    Well is all gone Eclipse and AJAXY over here. Connectors, Portlets, Connections and the key to it all Collaboration.

    Seems the past few years of web evangelism on web accessibility has been ignored and only the usability portion taken on board. A slick(AJAX) web interface for Quickr (Quickplace 8 ++) seems to be the main ooh and ahh generator. I pity the screen reader user frustrated once again.

    Quickplace + Domino.doc has become Quickr. Quickr has a lot more to offer too. Content management and team collabration all in one. But then Notes has been doing this for years. But its not new and does not have a slick interface and well its Notes.

    Have a heavly customised Quickplace environment oh dear. Theres more work to do to move to Quickr. Moving your data not a problem though, so thats alright. I wonder if we should bother upgrading to Quickplace 7. Why not wait around for Quickr theres enough work to go around already.

    Domino.Doc looks finaly doomed in a (few years of course, IBM need move those users to Quickr, go business partners sell, sell, migrate err that might be tricky). So I can finally retire my site, yipee.

    Sametime which is real the killer app for collaboration can connect to almost anything and do almost everything else (connectors again). Will we ever open Notes again (Probably with fondness).

    I get back to you on Websphere Portal.

    And yes you did miss a most excellent speech from Mr Armstrong.

    regards ZJohn Z Marshall#
  2. I turned down a grad school fellowship at Purdue because they wanted me to teach FORTRAN.Richard Schwartz#

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