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Are [email protected] Software complete idiots? What on earth is the story with them? Over the years we’ve had plenty of rags on ’em (and their alter ego InsideL0tusD0mino) from the likes of Bruce Elgort, and Tom Duff. But still, still they keep coming. Check out the latest, this time purporting to be from some kind of business partner in Chile, “Info2000 Consultores”, in a comment by a chap called Frederic on Ed’s site:

A native spanm (sic) solution for Domino worth trying: [email protected] Free trial for 30 days. Works great.

Tsk, astroturfing, in this day and age. The mind boggles. What’s particularly ironic of course is that this comment is in response to a post about spam. So. [email protected] (and partners): how about trying some ethical business practices for once? That would make a nice late new year’s resolution for “Frederic” and company eh.

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  1. Theirs was one vendor booth that I avoided at all costs at Lotusphere 2007 (sadly, there were a few others…). Ironically, they are selling a spam filter. Some of these people should stick to selling automobiles and real estate. Even better, can't they port their products to Exchange and Sharepoint?
    Ed Maloney#
  2. Ed,
    I fail to see the direct relation between these guys and car sales people, you see I work for a car manufacturer and no one here uses the methods these guys use. Care to explain? ;-)

    Anyway, I have been reading complains about these idiots forever, they just won't go away.Vitor Pereira#
  3. I debated several times whether to try to talk to them during Lotusphere. I never really had the time, and I wasn't quite sure what I would have said. I think I might have discovered a back-door to having the conversation, though, which I will follow up on next week.

    FWIW I took the comment down as soon as I saw it. Bah humbug. :-)Ed Brill#
  4. I believe you are referring to InsideDomin0, not InsideL0tus -- which is a legit site. And Richard Schwartz#
  5. Ah yes thanks Richard, I do mean InsideDomin0… interestingly, I can find no registrant for InsideLotus.Ben Poole#
  6. For InsideLotus, wee here: Schwartz#
  7. Wee here? Sounds a bit scatalogcial ;-) Yes, Chris, Ted and co. do a fine job. Generally I’m pretty impressed with the weblogs coming out of IBM: I just wish Joey Bernal would post more. Websphere Portal 6 is big news! Poole#
  8. Ooops! LOLRichard Schwartz#

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