Jobs: the wilderness years

NeXT logoRegular readers of this site will know that I am a sucker for geeky stories—, Damien’s stories and so forth—so I was happy to come across this link from The Unofficial Apple Weblog:

Months after the debut at Davies Symphony Hall, NeXT released the final version of the NeXTcube, which retailed for US$10,000. Jobs and the senior executives made another grand tour looking for customers and developers. Most of the companies (like Disney and AT&T) remained solidly Macintosh, but Jobs charmed a couple big customers. NSA became a loyal NeXTstep user; so did Lotus (which agreed to develop an “object oriented spreadsheet”, Lotus for NeXTstep) and GM. Stanford and Carnegie Mellon both made small orders of NeXTcubes as well.

Read more: The NeXT Years: Steve Jobs before His Triumphant Return to Apple. (Oh, and related reading re the “object oriented spreadsheet”: Bob Congdon: Lotus Improv).


  1. I was recently reading about NeXT on wikipeadia. It's an interesting story that I'd hear bits of before, but I'd never heard of Lotus Improv before. It sounds like it was prety inovative and that there has been nothing similar since.Kerr#

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