Code! Yes, CODE on!

Yup, you heard me right. There is going to be some new code posted to this very site. Soon anyway.

OK, I should explain. At the beginning of the month, Warren posted a plea for help. He needed a “clever developer” to help him out with some code in Notes to run through a directory (and sub-directories) on a file system, attaching each file found in a new document in a Notes database. “Pretty straightforward” thought I, so in the absence of any clever developers, I decided to knock something up and duly sent it over.

Now, Warren promised he would share it, but what do you know, he didn’t. So slack! You’d think he was busy or something (cough, Lotusphere, cough, BE Systems, cough, the missus cough, boat races). Tsk. Well, assuming Warren has no objections, I shall stick the code up here shortly. And I will update this post when I have done so :-)

UPDATE: code now posted.


  1. Ah, classic case for the use of recursive code. Just remember, recursion is great, because it's recursive and great!
    Andrew Pollack#
  2. Sorry I missed that post, cause I wrote that long ago and will share it gladly. Maybe a bit rough and packed with details to bluntly but at least here's the trick. Yes, recursive coding, however, as Dir$ is loaded with side-effects, the recursive routine needs to FIRST walk the entire folder under inspection and store the results in ie an array or list, and only THEN start doing it's recursion.

    I used this to make a notes based (replicating) backup solution which has run for years at erm quite a few stored of a well known fastfood chain.

    If you can handle code not intended to be maintained intensely (pun intended) let me know, [email protected]


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