Lotusphere and the press

It’s heartening to see how much take-up there’s been by the mainstream IT press when it comes to the news from Orlando this past week. I was especially delighted to see that ComputerWorld in Oz not only presented the facts from Lotusphere, Todd Weiss also gave a big wink to OpenNTF:

At least one offering at the show was not a product at all. Rather, is an open-source community Web site where Lotus Notes and Domino administrators and developers can get help, find useful open-source applications and leverage the expertise of fellow IT workers to improve their Notes/Domino systems.

This is really very cool. I still remember the announcement about NotesOSS (as it was then known) all those years ago. Bruce, Vince, Anil and Nathan did a splendid thing when they brought this to us. Thanks also to PSC (even if they do think Notes & Domino == Exchange;-)) and Prominic for helping with the hosting!

Read more (when the link works) ComputerWorld: LOTUSPHERE - Plenty of apps to make life easier for admins.

Hat tip to Bruce.


  1. Now come on Ben … that is all marketing speak done by Marketing folks :)John Head#
  2. Tsk, these marketing folks eh? What are they like? ;-) Ben Poole#

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