The secret is out

The secret is out, the ILUG 2007 website is live! Nice work to all involved:

Oh how I wish I could attend. Sadly, Mrs. P. has chosen that bank holiday weekend, and the days immediately before it, to go on a girly holiday to Spain—leaving yours truly in charge of the brood. “But Ben,” I hear you say, “When do you get to go on holiday?”. Hmph. So far, 2007 really hasn’t been my year. Still, I have my Mac! ;-)


  1. Simple answer - bring the brood with you! What more would little kiddies like than a nice pint of Guiness?

    OK, perhaps not best to answer that…. Warren Elsmore#
  2. They are old enough for a few beers..Paul Mooney#
  3. Come on, bring 'em. Heck, I'll even provide a complementary pediatrician to make sure they're perfectly healthy (yes, Dr McDonagh is joining us). What could be safer? heh…Rob McDonagh#
  4. Hmph?? Dude, it's only February -- how bad can 2007 have been in a month and a half? Although, Sametime me tomorrow if you wanna compete for feeling sorry for yourself… ;)James Spinks#
  5. @1,2,3 :-)

    @James, I know! But 2007 has been grim as feck in the workplace.

    Still at least we have the move to look forward-to.

    *cough*Ben Poole#
  6. I already tried to lure to missus to have a holiday in beautiful Eire, but alas…Lars Berntrop-Bos#
  7. Ben.. your wiki is now in use on the site…. I think you need to come over to show it offPaul Mooney#

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