It’s been crazy-busy in the world of Poole. Lots of late nights and early mornings. I’m not complaining though, as most of the late nights have been late nights coding. Huzzah!

Burning the midnight oil in front of an IDE takes me back to the good old days of 2000 / 2001. Back then, I wasn’t running a Domino website, let alone a weblog. I wasn’t a manager, and I could just concentrate on learning my craft. I’d delivered a few hefty projects with userbases ranging between 10 and 7,500, but in 2000 I started work on a global project—the reach was a lot further!—and I got to spend some time working in Dallas. The project was real bleeding edge Notes development for the time, using the new-fangled Notes 5 client (shudder). There were oodles of hacks, righteous or otherwise, just to get the thing to work. I lost count of the number of bugs I came across, and I think some even got reported to Lotus. Ooof!

I digress. What’s been going on? Well, the day job is taking up pretty much all my time, but I’ve still spent some hours hacking on DominoWiki. I have also started to comment any complex Lotusscript code so that it works with Mikkel Heisterberg’s project, LotusScript.doc. I played with LotusScript.doc a little while ago, but now I’m using it in anger. It rocks! Think javadoc for your Lotusscript. Very nice for developer documentation and the like.

As usual, OpenLog has been an inestimably useful tool. I’m running it with a “verbose” logging set-up whilst I develop and debug an application at work. Using OpenLog I can see where the back-end code I wrote for a Domino-based CMS is tripping up—before the users are aware there’s a problem. Really useful stuff. I’m looking forward to version 1.5!

The week started off well: on Tuesday evening I met up with Warren, the lovely Kitty, Matt White, Mike Smith and Julian Woodward. Later that night I helped sort out the ILUG wiki which Mr. Mooney is hosting (not registered for the Irish User Group event yet? Why not?)

Now we come to the end of the week, and tomorrow should finish it off nicely: I am attending Lotusphere comes to you in Threadneedle Street. Rumour has it that amongst others, the Buchan will be on the loose. The morning is being hosted by Darren Adams too, so should be a good ’un!


  1. Hi Ben, it was good to see you too the other night. And the surname is Smith (sorry it could not be a more exciting one). Hope we can all get together for a pint again some time soon.

    MikeMike Smith#
  2. Hi Mike - aha, I thought it was Smith! Well, I should be attending the get-together on March 15th if anyone else is up for that? More info: Poole#
  3. Hey Ben, good to see you on Tuesday. We are up for the 15th I think. Need to check diaries, bank accounts etc - it's only two weeks away! KKitty#
  4. Just wanted to let you that the project you referred to in 2000/2001 is still going strong. We are about to finish up version 1.5 on client 6.5.2 & 7.0.2. Still doing some bleeding edge enhancements and hacks but luckily not so many bugs this time.

    Your name is still listed as 'creator' in several of the routines in the script libraries showing that some good (or lucky) coding lasts forever.Michael Fisher#
  5. Crikey! Well, that’s good… I guess… ;-) Thanks for dropping by Michael. And take no notice of the code I wrote. I was young and green and… heh.Ben Poole#

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