Catching up

A sign of the times. Unfiled mail in the inbox? Just a couple. Unread mail elsewhere? A dozen or so. Unread news feeds? A fair few items…

Catching up

Everything is nuts at the moment, with not much sign of let-up. In the first couple of days next week I need to get up and running with Spring, XDoclet, Hibernate and SQL Server Express. Sounds like fun. But of course, that’s just one tiny part of the day job. Well, I say day job, but it is increasingly becoming the “all day and half the night” job! :-)

Update this link on Michael’s site caught my eye. I think I should give it a read! 5 Ways to Work Less and Get More Done Online.


  1. Although I've not used Spring yet, this book ( was part-written by a friend of mine, who happens to be an ex-domino developer too! (Darren Davison) - who knows it might help!Andy Dempster#
  2. thats a lot of seemingly disparate stuff. what are you up to?James governor#
  3. (James)

    Hes doing his job. You'd be amazed at how many balls you gotta juggle to do Ben's job. and yes sometimes he feels like a clown for doing it. But then he aint got my job.John Z Marshall#
  4. Thanks Andy, will check it out!

    James, John speaks the truth (although I don't feel like a clown, I am a clown ;-) ). With regards the toolset, how so "disparate"? Spring's a prety nifty framework from the few things I've played with (and all the things I've read). Hibernate is a de facto standard when it comes to persistence and object-data mapping, whilst SQL Server Express looks to be the best bet for testing it all on my machine.

    I could of course use MySQL, but the finished production system will in all probability be on MS SQL Server, so SQL Server Express seemed to make sense for the development environment.

    SSE is a right bloody faff to install though: untold disclaimers, create a Winoze Live! account, download software plus examples, upgrade machine to .NET Framework 2.0, etc. etc. :-) Ben Poole#

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