In light of the recent to-and-fro

Given the recent to-and-fro about comments, attribution, public / private “attacks” and all that, might I offer something up from Richard Stevens at Diesel Sweeties that could help, via those most excellent people at Boing Boing?

Blogger bumper sticker

I thank you.

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  1. *snicker*Rob McDonagh#
  2. Absolutely brilliant! :-)Charles Robinson#
  3. Yeah. I would only need HOW IS MY WRITING. The original does not go well with Ceci …Volker Weber#
  4. How about "How's my tech support?"

    1-888-RTFM-CYANathan T. Freeman#
  5. @4 LOL Oh I like that one!Ben Poole#
  6. Class!Paul Mooney#

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