OMG, it’s older than ME!

Wow, this thing is really something else. Someone in Texas is selling a Moog 55 modular system in pretty awesome condition. Long-time readers of this site know that I’m a bit of a synth freak on the quiet, but this thing, crikey. I wouldn’t know where to start. Just as well I don’t have the $50,000 or so that this is probably going to go for!

Moog 55 modular synthesizer

Get your bids in (by April 8th).

Via Analog Industries.


  1. Damn eBay… I went through a phase where I just "had" to have every toy/gadget/instrument from my childhood and early teens. Thankfully I have a big attic and even more thankfully I got past this phase. Lesson learned - you really can't relive the past.Ed Maloney#

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