Notes 8 gets a nod from the Java community

Apart from the odd mention at conferences like EclipseCon, the fact that Notes 8 Standard runs within the Eclipse framework has received little attention from the mainstream Java sites out there. So, heartening to see this post on ONJava:

Even though Lotus Notes has a reputation for being a something as an anachronism [sic], launching the new Lotus Notes client on the Eclipse platform is a big deal for the Eclipse platform as a foundation for end-user applications. Just when you least expected it, someone decides to ship a large client-side Java application.

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  1. Nice mention. Not to be a nick-picker but the first quoted section is inaccurate "Interestingly, it appears that the Notes Client and Designer (the user UI and the IDE respectively) have been rebuilt from scratch as Java extensions on Eclipse.". The code wasn't rebuilt from scratch (especially Designer which was barely touched). The second quote is more accurate "The big news in Lotus Notes V8 is that the Notes V8 client encapsulates all the code that is Lotus Notes within the Eclipse environment". There's still lots of native code there. Also OpenOffice is mostly native code too.

    Since Eclipse itself is a mixture of Java and native code (SWT), the distinction is pragmatism over purity. End users won't care and as long as the right extension points are exposed, developers may not care either.Bob Congdon#
  2. Btw, I meant the first quoted section in the linked article, not you blog post.Bob Congdon#
  3. I think the article has an interesting assumption. that an Eclipse app is a client side Java app… James governor#

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