For someone supposed to be a “technologist” I can be a real slacker. Case in point: I used Microsoft Vista for the very first time today. A brand new dual core Intel 2 machine, one gig of RAM, running Vista.

The results? Shocking, absolutely shocking. If you’re going to force Vista down consumers necks when they buy a new PC, at least make sure it actually does stuff. Bill and Steve B should be ashamed of themselves. Yikes.


  1. Bah. Vista, Shmista. I haven't used it yet myself. I suppose I'm giving up some geek cred that way, but I just don't see the point. The only way I'll see Vista is if it gets rolled out at work, which ought to happen sometime around 2015…Rob McDonagh#
  2. Ben,

    I wouldn't worry too much about it - I've never even installed it and I've had the DVD's on my shelf for months now. Somehow, a sum total of zero useful features hasn't inspired me to test it yet…

    (and that's after having rebuilt the entire thing 2 days ago!)Warren Elsmore#
  3. What's Vista? :-PEd Brill#
  4. What's Vista?
    Ed, that's actually a very good question :-D From what I can make out, Vista is WinXP made less user-friendly, with some glassy eye candy that take up a lot of processor cycles.

    Oh yes, it also asks for lots of confirmation about pretty much any action a user might want to perform, rendering such "security" ineffective over the long term…Ben Poole#
  5. Ben Poole comes to a sad realisation! Simon Barratt#
  6. I STILL haven't tried it! What does it do or not do that you hated so much? I'm not sure I even want to buy it!Court#

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