This site is five!

On Monday May 13th 2002, I published my first weblog entry in this new Lotus Domino-based web site template I’d knocked up. The post itself is nothing more than a placeholder, it says nothing interesting at all. But hopefully I have posted slightly more inciteful material since then (occasionally, at least). This site has been one of the better things I’ve done in recent years. I’ve learned a lot about technology, met a lot of great people through it, and of course, it’s indirectly led to other great things. Thanks for dropping by, and here’s to the next five years…

PS obligatory stats: 1,058 weblog entries, 3,033 comments and 47 articles (must up that last number, must up that last number…)


  1. Happy Birthday Ben. Keep it coming :-)Matt White#
  2. Happy blog bday buster. Keep up the GREAT work.

    BruceBruce Elgort#
  3. Happy Birthday! Here's to many more.Vitor Pereira#
  4. Nice one Ben - congrats! I really enjoy your writing style so keep it up! :)Colin Williams#
  5. Congrats!

    (Although I know what you mean about more articles. Where does the time go, eh?)
    Philip Storry#

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