Ah memories

Crikey, this doesn’t half take me back. Quite possibly one of the best opening title sequences television has ever seen. I remember precious little about the show, other than said sequence. It is awesome :-)

I am talking, of course, about The Six Million Dollar Man.


  1. Remember it well, the standard impression in the playground was the slow motion run and going "du du du " or some such. Happy days.
    Although I once did an Wonder Woman impression in that twirled like said lady and was ridiculed for at least 10 years afterwards. I still bear the emontional scars and cower whenever I see a golden lasso.
    TV was better before the rise of the word "Celebrity" which is now code for "No talent" or "Clueless". John Z Marshall#
  2. …and now you’ve gone and admitted your Wonder Woman predilection on t’world wide web. Doh! :-) Ben Poole#

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