Get productive!

I’ve known Eric Mack for some time now, and even had the great pleasure of meeting him (together with Michael Sampson) whilst attending the Collaborative Technologies Conference in New York a couple of years back.

Eric is a strong proponent of David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology (there’s an awful lot to be said for it from what Eric’s shown me), so his latest web venture makes perfect sense—as well as good reading for all us Lotus Notes types:

Notes on Productivity.


  1. Hey Ben, any plans on going to this years conference in Boston, now called Enterprise 2.0?

    I will be there and plan on catching up with Michael again!Simon Barratt#
  2. Hi Simon. Unfortunately overseas conferences are now pretty much verboten for plebs like me, I shall have to watch from afar I guess!Ben Poole#
  3. Can't you just pretend it's the Boston in Lincolnshire?!Simon Barratt#

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