Performance basics for Lotus Notes & Domino developers

Andre Guirard has a shout-out on his site, requesting additions for his post entitled, Your help please coming up with the performance basics for new developers. He has a great list up there already. Whilst I generally abide by most of the recommendations, my code could definitely do with more pruning performance-wise.

It’s all too easy to skip some of this stuff when you’re knocking up quick proofs-of-concept. But I’m sure you’ve all witnessed the scenario when the “quick ’n’ dirty” solution suddenly becomes a production application for the next x years. Of course, this becomes an issue as more features are added, sheer data volume increases, more views (and thus indices) are added, etc., etc. Many developer texts discourage from us from optimising too early, and this is a good rule of thumb. But it can’t help to spend a little time thinking before diving in: code for performance up-front, and maybe some of those creaking crufty applications will work better for longer—because they’re not certainly not just going to disappear if your world is anything like mine!

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