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It would appear that the latest Piratebay take-down isn’t about copyright infringement any more, but about a monied, overly-powerful organisation in the US bringing so much pressure to bear on another nation’s government that it feels compelled to breaks its own laws and constitution. Extraordinary:

Apparently the take down has been orchestrated by the MPAA lobbying the US department of foreign affairs to in their turn put pressure on the Swedish department of foreign affairs. This result in those representatives for the Swedish authorities of justice visits the US. Here they are told that there has to be a final solution to the pirate bay problem, they also informs the Swedish delegates how such a solution should be implemented.

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Meanwhile, others are taking a more constructive approach to the new world order.


  1. The USA simply has special interest in the filesharing as a big part of the stuff exchanged there (movies, software, music, books) belongs to US-companies.
    I guess your British Government would also successfully try some interesting chanels of influence, if for example the germans and frenchmen were ganging up to start some initially subventionized banking cluster around Karlsruhe and Strasbourg as a competition to London.
    Developments in Iraq and to some extend in Venezuela show clearly that the power of the USA is restricted.
    In a more and more interdependent world I have a problem with special national laws which allow some possibly simpático though questionable services. As it sets precedents and some governments may find torturing people as something foreigners shouldn't care about. Or shutting down media, which offer a different point of view than the oficial.
    Does the mayority of the Swedish people find Pirate Bay worth their Governments protection? I doubt that.
  2. Good points Axel. As for “Does the mayority of the Swedish people find Pirate Bay worth their Governments protection? I doubt that” I entirely agree… it’s more the underlying issue than the particular body affected that disturbs me.Ben Poole#

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