Safari on Windoze!

Apple Safari iconWell. I didn’t see that one coming. Oh, sure, there was discussion a few years back about bringing Safari (or more specifically, WebKit) to the Windoze world, but no-one actually thought it would happen. This is an interesting move. Hell if they can get a music app like iTunes working on the majority of PCs, a web browser’s the easy bit, surely?? Anyway, what with the revelation that iPhone is running a pretty full version of OS X, that Safari is now on Windows, and that Apple are giving a free copy of OS X Leopard to everyone who mentions it this month *, the interesting times in Apple-world continue. And long may they do so

On paper, Leopard is a cool evolution of my favourite OS (I like the look of file stacks and Cover Flow in the Finder), so I’m looking forward to it. There’s not much talk about some of the more “corporate” stuff, but this could be the real hidden gem—the wiki server, the group calendar, team spaces, and so on.

* OK, I made that one up.

Read more: Mac OS X Leopard features (by way of an added bonus, all the demos on the site include music from one of my utter favourites, the super Imogen Heap).


  1. Maybe you can help out Joel with his new Safari for WinDoze ( - he seems to be having issues ;-)Dave Parillo#

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