A very handy widget

HTML entity lookup widgetStuck for an HTML entity reference? Just can’t get your ampersands and hash signs in the right order?

This dashboard widget is for you (also available as a web utility for those who are Dashboard-challenged). Simply plug in the entity you need the correct reference code for, hit return, and see what you get back. Very useful; I like stuff like this, and as the inventor says:

There’s no clever logic behind this, only the most powerful computer known to man—man’s own brain.

Each entity has had a list of ‘like’ matches added to them by hand and eye. This is stored in a local dictionary file and loaded in during start-up (since it’s so small there’s no point in using an AJAX like solution).

(This means you can use the tool off-line as well). Read more: Left Logic: HTML Entity Character Lookup.

Via Richard Rutter.

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