A propos of nothing in particular…

  1. Notes client development can be quite tricky. I’d forgotten that
  2. When you’ve gotten around the various set-up issues, class loading issues, etc., Java development can be a real joy
  3. … especially when there are fields of green in your IDE
  4. Getting Java to talk to a local SQL Server is really painful. Hell, getting anything to talk to a local SQL Server Express install is painful. Help is at hand though
  5. The jTDS drivers for SQL Server are so much better than Microsoft’s efforts, it’s not funny
  6. MySQL is a breeze
  7. Application development within large non-IT organisations can be “challenging” beyond words (and not in a good way)
  8. I’m tired. Really tired (see #7)
  9. I haven’t made a Simpsons avatar yet. But I will have now :-)
  10. Spring is great. I’d forgotten that

Any questions?


  1. Just one ;) Do we get to catch a glimpse of your tired self at the post-CU drinks thingy next week?Kitty#
  2. Try and keep me away!Ben Poole#
  3. grande. see you then.Kitty#

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