Best forum post in ages

The Lotus Developer Domain discussion boards are pretty much best avoided nowadays. But every now and again a real gem pops up:


In between doing Karate, I use Lotus 6.5 client to keep in touch with people on the Interwebs.

How can I change the lotus notes login graphic?

(Since I cant post a screenshot here, it’s the login graphic that has half of white chicks face, some guys hands using a pda, a random Asian businessman, birds sitting on telephone wires.)

Mr. TexasRanger

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  1. "If an episode of 'Walker, Texas Ranger changed your life… you might be a redneck."
    - Jeff FoxworthyTim Tripcony#
  2. What do you mean by "pretty much best avoided nowadays"?Tony Kelleran#
  3. @2 ee lad, I mean that t’forums aren”t what they were. I still pop in from time to time and answer the odd question, but as with all forums of their type, noise eventually outweighs usefulness.

    Good to see that people far better than I stick at it though (hat tips to Stan Rogers and Ben Langhinrichs).Ben Poole#
  4. Do you think that the poster also uses ´Internet Exploder´ to navigate this so-called interweb?Ian Armstrong#
  5. Don’t be silly Ian. Everyone knows that Microfox Mozzarella is the browser of choice now. It’s open-sauce and comes with tablet browsing don’t you know!Ben Poole#
  6. Agreed, the ND6forum isn't what it used to be. I don't know what the answer is (please, no flame throwing "experts" to police the questions). More important is what does this say about the state of Notes development? Have the senior Notes developers moved on to greener pastures, leaving the jobs to be inherited by newbie offshore programmers? Ed Maloney#
  7. I think the senior developers have developed their own ecosystem on the various blogs and also private IM conversations these days. Not a good thing but the noise to usefulness ratio on the ND6 forum is just too high these days.

    MattMatt White#
  8. I only use them for tough problems. The answer is often in there.Jan Van Puyvelde#
  9. I have a different read on what is happening in the forums. When Notes is doing well, the forums often suffer, because the "senior Notes developers" are busy developing instead of hanging around answering questions, and the new Notes users are asking lots more questions. Trust me, there was a time a couple of years back when no newbie questions were bing asked and lots of senior people were available to answer anything that came up. It made reading the forums more pleasurable, but I think today's state of affairs is greatly to be desired for all of us. We WANT busy senior people and questioning newbies!Ben Langhinrichs#
  10. That’s an interesting take Ben, and positive to boot.

    As an aside, I used to use the forums a lot when I was busy. Which sounds odd, but basically I was up to my eyes in my coding problems, and sometimes I wanted a break for the brain.

    Perversely, this meant I would log in to the forums, and answer some questions there. This worked well for all concerned I think. Hopefully, newbies got the benefit of my twisted logic (!) and my brain was able to think about something else, meaning my code was approached with a fresh cell or two.

    Maybe I should do that again!Ben Poole#
  11. I used to read the forums a lot. A million years ago, I think I blew a job interview when I accidentally mentioned that I was reading / studying the Business Partner forums for over an hour a day, and, considering all the tips and timesavers learned, I saw that as time well spent. Apparently, the interviewer didn't share my opinion.Tom E#
  12. That has to be one of the most humorous postings I have read in a long while! Nice find Ben.

    Simon Barratt#

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