A new Prophet

Occasionally I post stuff relevant to my eighties past, when I was a bit of junior synth freak. There I was, lusting over Roland Jupiter 8s and Sequential Circuits’ splendid Prophet 5 (I still want one of those). Well, Dave Smith, the man behind the fabled Prophet 5 (an instrument now nearing its 30th birthday if I’m not mistaken) is up to his old tricks. The popular money is on some kind of 21st-century update to the famous Prophet range, a real back-to-basics analog synth. Judging by the MP3s linked in the post below, it sounds fantastic.

Matrixsynth: Something New from Dave Smith Instruments This Way Comes.


  1. First the Dark Crystal, and now lusting after the Prophet 5.

    Have you been listening to Vegas recently? ;-)Nathan T. Freeman#
  2. Heck, I still want a DX-7. Walrath#
  3. @1 LOL it gets worse. After all that I then went back further… 1977 to be precise:

    Stanley Clarke and George Duke. Awesome!Ben Poole#
  4. "worse?" There's nothing bad about listening to TCM, man. In fact, you let me know when you'd like to meet them. :-)Nathan T. Freeman#
  5. Hey, no offence to The Crystal Method. Which reminds me: must check them out!Ben Poole#
  6. Update: first piccie of the so-called Prophet ’08:
    Ben Poole#
  7. Have a listen to XTC's English Settlement - Dave Gregory played the Prophet V on a few tracks. Crumbs, 1982.Darren#
  8. Thar she blows…
    Ben Poole#

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