The Chapman Stick

Nick Beggs playing the Chapman Stick I try to play the Chapman Stick. I hankered after one for around 7 years before I actually had the wherewithal to get one (I simply slapped my bass). Then I got married, concentrated on the career, moved house a few times, had kids, and so on.

But I still love my Stick (matron!), and hope soon to be able to devote some real time to it. This section of the site may well chronicle that event one day. In the meantime, it’s a Stick scratchpad. Check out some of these links:

Stick Enterprises, Inc.

Find out what the Stick is, and check out the husband and wife team behind it, Emmett & Yuta Chapman. They’re smashing!

Tony Levin

Possibly the best-known exponent of the Chapman Stick, and a brilliant musician. He’s one of the most pleasant musicians / personal heroes I’ve had the privilege of meeting, and runs a great website. He also loves coffee and carrot cake, so the man is clearly a god. Tony is often on tour with long-time “boss” Peter Gabriel. Hope I get to see them soon…

Nick Beggs (pictured)

Maybe the best known Stick player amongst the filthy proles? I suspect so. He played a Stick on Top Of The Pops way back in 1984 for gawd’s sake! He’s certainly like “Doctor Levin” insofar as he’s an absolute gent, a real pleasure to meet.

Nick’s a master of the plank, and can be seen touting a funky / orchestral / rip-roaring Stick with John Paul Jones, Steve Hackett and others (incidentally, the third member of JPJ’s awesome live trio was the astounding drummer Terl Bryant). Along with JPJ and Steve Hackett, Nick has also played with many others over the years, including Warren Cuccurullo, Seal, Gary Numan, Kim Wilde, Then Jericho, Howard Jones and Sir Cliff (!) together with his own band efforts in Ellis Beggs & Howard, Íona, and of course, Kajagoogoo!

Nick Beggs playing his solo Chapman Stick piece, Tava:

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