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Mr. Bruce Elgort spotted this tidbit yesterday. Thanks Bruce! (update: Brian Green also spotted this)

Old meets new: Lotus Domino and Atlassian in which Dennis Howlett talks about Atlassian and DominoWiki on the intranet. A good quick read. I really need to get 1.2 out of the door eh… :-)

Interestingly, the chap Dennis spoke with is Alek Lotoczko, whom I met earlier this year in London at a Lotusphere Comes To You event. Alek is blogging on his work with Confluence which we also use at my current employer (it’s awesome). Way to go Alek, and thanks for the hat-tip to DominoWiki!


  1. Do you have any sense as to why the project described seemed to "outgrow" Dominowiki? Why did they make the jump to Atlassian?Ed Brill#
  2. Not in this case, but it doesn’t surprise me. For example, we use both DominoWiki and Confluence where I work too.

    Confluence is the heavy lifter, the big firm-wide wiki which has polls, multiple spaces, reams of attachments, photo competitions, all sorts.

    We then use DominoWiki for smaller work-groups with specific documentation requirements (which seems to be the pattern of use I’ve observed for DominoWiki in general).

    I’ve not tested scaling on DW beyond its use for Lotusphere the past three years, but I can’t imagine it would scale brilliantly, given the mutiple document changes that occur (i.e. replication / save conflicts could result).Ben Poole#
  3. Ben,

    You can thank Google Alerts for finding the link. Bruce Elgort#
  4. Ben: the "Hat Tip" is the least I can do. Thanks for a 1st class product. I have posted some thoughts on my blog today that might shed some light on our move to Confluence - I broadly agree with your comments above.

    A question for Ed/IBM: Why didn't you put a wiki within Connections instead of Quickr? (or at least have them in both places) My understanding is that Quikr is the formal space and that Connections is the Social tool! A fully (tag) integrated wiki within Connections would have been awesome.Alek Lotoczko#
  5. Don't forget to DIGG up Lotus Notes 8 on
    (Irrelevant gratuitous plug removed)Jeffrey Franchetti#
  6. Interesting. You seem to be spamming the comment everywhere: Weber#
  7. Looks like the Cravath guy is acting up again. ;-)Volker Weber#
  8. Indeed. Jordan Weinstein, AKA “James CrispenBen Poole#
  9. Thought you would like to know that DominoWiki was mentioned again in the Atlassian blog:

    /lekkimMikkel Heisterberg#

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