DB2 on the Mac!

Crikey, I didn’t see this one coming at all! Antonio Cangiano, a software engineer and technical evangelist at IBM Canada, loves his code. Whilst his primary interests are in Ruby and Python, he’s done a lot of work with Objective-C (OS X’s language of choice), and things are afoot on the Mac front in the IBM labs:

I couldn’t talk about this for weeks, and it must be viewed as a rumor until IBM makes an official announcement, but we have been working on porting DB2 to Intel Mac. Not just the client, the whole package. This makes me a happy panda, no longer will a virtual machine be required to develop with DB2 on Rails on my Mac Book Pro. It’s a joy to see DB2 Express-C run on a Mac Pro (shown in picture) next to the other black boxes in the lab. Work is still in progress, but we should have a beta out there relatively soon (before winter kicks in).

Read more: DB2 on Mac.

Via James Governor.


  1. Paving the way for NSFDB2, perhaps? Let's speculate wildly! :-D Charles Robinson#
  2. Su-weet!!Kerr#

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