My friends (still) would think I’m a nut

Youtube throws up gems all the time, I found this beauty a while back, but didn’t post it. Not sure why, because it’s awesome.

Enjoy Genesis at their very best.


  1. Totally superb!!

    The Musical Box are performing the Black Show in Croydon on the 25th of October. I'm seriously tempted…..Alastair#
  2. Excellent. But Phil Collins in white dungarees - scary. Julian Woodward#
  3. You know I'm an absolute freak for Genesis. And yet, I cannot get out of my head as I watched this…

    "In ancient times, hundreds of years before the dawn of history, an ancient race of people… the Druids. No one knows who they were or what they were doing… "Nathan T. Freeman#
  4. @3 LOL !

    And yes, Collins in white dungarees (WITH NO SHIRT) is indeed a scary prospect.

    But I do so love Selling England By The Pound, it’s probably my favourite Genesis album.Ben Poole#
  5. @3 - very good!
    In which case you'll appreciate what Geddy Lee keeps on the keyboard …[email protected]/1553070136/in/set-72157602386283001/
    Julian Woodward#
  6. I'll probably be drawn and quartered for saying this, but I loathe Genesis with Peter Gabriel. I just didn't get it.Charles Robinson#
  7. No, that won’t be necessary Charles :-) So does this mean you like Genesis with Collins singing instead?Ben Poole#
  8. Oh yeah, I'm a tremendous fan of Genesis with Phil singing lead. I'll even go on the record and say I'm a Phil Collins fan. :-) I have everything Genesis did without Peter (including Calling All Stations), but I gave up on Phil when he released Dance Into The Light.

    For me it's about the vocals, lyrics and music. When Peter was with Genesis it was all about Peter's showmanship and ego and the music seemed secondary. I didn't like his voice, his lyrics made no sense, and the music didn't fit with either of them. It just didn't work for me. I do like Peter as a solo artist, though. "In Your Eyes" is one of the best songs ever written.Charles Robinson#
  9. @8 - Charles, I don't know if you're a musician, but it's kind of a thing for musos to pay more attention to what's in between the hooks than the hooks themselves. The freeform of early Genesis was mostly about breaking down assumptions on what constituted a rock song. Yes did much the same thing. And artists from both groups had heavy classical & jazz backgrounds.

    That being said, I frankly dig both eras of Genesis. Phil-fronted Genesis delivered some great performances. And Gabriel as a solo artist is simply without peer. ("Passion" might be the best soundtrack from a mainstream artist ever written.) But a lot of those later achievements in song writing were made possible by the earlier explorations. In Your Eyes is a great example, where Gabriel incorporated a lot of African elements that came from his passion for "world music."Nathan T. Freeman#
  10. Nathan, I don't know who in Genesis had a jazz background. As much as I love Tony Banks' writing and playing, he couldn't play jazz to save his life. He occasionally (in his later work) delves into some jazz-like "sounds" but he doesn't improvise well and he can't swing. Nor can any of the others as far as I know. Brand X and Phil's big band come to mind.

    As much as I love early Genesis music, I think Gabriel's theatrics are self-indulgent and distracting. I'd rather listen than watch…and I'd rather play than listen.Dan Sickles#
  11. Well I like the theatrics. Sure, I’m a bigger fan of Gabriel’s solo work than anything Genesis did, but you can’t argue that ’70s Genesis wasn’t unique! At least they did something a little different, and pushed boundaries.

    I like Collins’ voice too, and I think it complemented Gabriel’s very well. It’s just a shame about the material when old Phil went solo ;-) Ben Poole#
  12. Is that Steve Hackett on the guitar?Bruce Elgort#
  13. But of course; doing his famous “lawnmower guitar” :-) Ben Poole#
  14. I love Steve Hackett's acoustic stuff. This has some from pre and post Gabriel: Sickles#
  15. @10 - I could be mistaken, but I was under the impression that Gabriel studied jazz and classical piano as a kid.Nathan T. Freeman#
  16. Excellent - you won't see this sort of stuff from Take That. Mike Smith#
  17. @15 - That's probably true. I'm most familiar with Tony's background. I base my statements about their jazz background on what I hear, or don't hear in the music. I play mostly jazz now but I can still play some of the early Genesis stuff. Different planets.Dan Sickles#

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