LOGO is forty

Forty years old! The Wired piece linked-to below asks “What became of the LOGO programming language?”. Well, coincidentally, I installed a version of LOGO on the old Mac for my sons to play with. The eldest was immediately drawn in, once I'd shown him how to use REPEAT blocks to draw squares and then spirograph-style patterns. Great fun.

Wired Science - Forward 40: What Became of the LOGO Programming Language?

(Incidentally, the version of LOGO we have is ACSLogo).


  1. Ah, LOGO… always brings back fond memories of tinkering on a PCJr in third grade. My wife actually made a "move turtle" joke just the other day, and she's not even a programmer…. yet. :)Tim Tripcony#
  2. LOGO was my first introduction to geometry and calculating angles in polygons. That was in 7th grade, on an Apple ][. Someone should make a LOGO sidebar widget. =)Charles Robinson#
    TELL TURTLE GET VIEW("($Users)")Stan Rogers#
  4. I remember seeing logo on the Apple ][+ back in the 1984. I hadn't guessed it was already many years old at that time.
    Andrew Pollack#

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