Ah well

’Twas a good game. Both sides gave it their all, and the better side won. I am just glad that an interesting England side gave its all this world cup and, more to the point, beat France and Australia after a bit of a grim start ;-)

BBC sport: Rugby world cup final.

Well done Springboks!


  1. I couldn't agree more Ben. I would say that the England squad have acquitted themselves with honor in this tournament. After such a poor start in the pool stages, I was amazed by their comeback. Roll on the New Zealand 2011 RWC. Perhaps Scotland will be ready to shock the world by that time … :-)Frank#
  2. I totally agree. I think we win the prize for most improved team over the tournament.Carl Tyler#
  3. Yes I conceed that the better team won. The difference wasn't the disputed try but the lineout - where the Springboks were supreme.

    I feel kind of flat this morning. Only Lewis Hamilton can resurrect my weekend!Rob Wills#

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