Goodbye Pickle

Well, we barely had him two months, but our lovely little puppy, Pickle, has left us. Pickle started to get sick last week with breathing difficulties. This culminated in an operation this morning which was high-risk. He had a lot of problems with his internal organs being misplaced thanks to a tear in his diaphragm.


Oh God, saying goodbye to a wee pup is so hard.


  1. Boy that's terrible, an important lesson for kids, but a horrible way to be taught. Sorry about your loss, and he was such a cute looking little thing.Carl#
  2. Your poor kids - that must be hard to take. In fact my daughter's upset and she only saw that pic of Pickle on your desk…Stuart McIntyre#
  3. So sorry to hear that hon. I know I'd be devastated if my cats left us so young. Thoughts with you and yours.Kitty#
  4. Mate, that picture really tears at me. Hoping for the best for your kids especially.Ed Brill#
  5. Sorry to hear that Ben :(Steve Castledine#
  6. Ben: Bruce and I are so sorry to hear about your loss. Being an owner of two dogs and a dog lover through and through, our heart goes out to you and your family. Our sympathies to you and your family.Gayle Elgort#
  7. That's a sad tale Ben. I'm very sorry for you and the family.

    Pete Lyons#
  8. I am so sorry to hear that. Maybe a new pup can help the little ones?Volker Weber#
  9. I'm sorry for your loss. As someone who grew up without pets, but married a "pet person," I've been surprised at how quickly and how deeply they become a true member of the family. Take care.Tom#
  10. Thank you one and all. It is indeed amazing how quickly a new canine addition becomes a member of the family. Today’s been nothing short of horrible for everyone. I’m not sure who’s taken it worse: the elder two kids (youngest doesn’t really understand) or my wife.

    I know there are far more awful things going on in this world, but you will have to indulge me today :-/ Sadly, these things are thrown at us, and it’s important for children to learn that life is like this—I was just hoping they wouldn’t get the lesson quite so soon.

    Pickle was a delightful little fellow, and I really miss having him around. I’m sure we’ll pick ourselves up and start looking at pups once more though, in fact I hope we do.

    Thanks again everyone.Ben Poole#
  11. So very sorry to hear this. After a suitable mourning period, a new pup will surely bring new joy as well as valuable lessons about how life renews itself. Take care.Richard Schwartz#
  12. Sorry to hear. It's tough to go through at any age, but especially for young children. I hope they are doing well.Henry Ferlauto#
  13. Ben,

    So sorry to read this. It has indeed been a very bad week for us pet owners. Hope your kids are doing okay with the loss… [smiley frown]

    Take Care,

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