Leopard and the installation blue screen

John Gruber, as ever, writes a sensible post about the blue screen furore in installing Leopard. Whilst the issue with old versions of APE is now pretty well-known, this article reveals some stuff new to me, namely that Logitech’s Control Center software relies on APE too:

Logitech Control Center currently installs APE 2.0.3, but previous versions of their installer used older versions of APE, which versions render Leopard unbootable. This is particularly pernicious given that most people installing Logitech’s software have never even heard of APE or Unsanity, let alone realize that Logitech is installing it on their system.
This is pretty much the worst case scenario of what can go wrong with an unsupported system modification like APE. (Methinks this page in’s third-party software section is not long for this life.)

Daring Fireball: Blue in the face.

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