Leopard and Skype: a tip

Good morning! The days are flying by and I’m as busy as a busy thing. However, I did manage to upgrade to Leopard this week, and I’m very happy with the results. The OS is definitely snappier on Kinky (my “Blackbook”), and pretty much everything works just fine with Leopard (apart from Notes 7.0.2, but that’s already being discussed elsewhere). One app that does have issues is Skype. On Leopard, you can un it once, it works, and then you’re stuffed. It won’t run again unless you reboot. However, “M.M.” and “patmore” supply a good work-around in the Skype forums:

Just to add what Martin has described… First do a clean install from the disk image. Then before running Skype, open the package. Find the MacOS folder, do a Get Info, and then set the folder to Locked. You will be prompted by the firewall every time it starts but at least you now have Skype running again.

Great stuff. Works a treat for me, and I hope this is useful for you too.


  1. I'm running Skype 2.7 beta on Leopard and have not run into this issue. Are you running 2.6 or 2.7 beta ?Declan Lynch#
  2. I’m running the beta. I should add that this is only an issue if you run the firewall in Leopard (which is switched off by default).Ben Poole#

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