How cool is your Notes app?

Joe Litton writes to tell us about a new competition sponsored by Teamstudio:

Teamstudio would light to spotlight innovative Notes applications. With this in mind, they are sponsoring the appropriately named Teamstudio Spotlight Awards.…

Essentially, they’re looking for innovative Lotus Notes applications that have real business impact. The judging panel comprises Joe, Bruce, Julian and Mr. Buchan. This has to be worth a punt! A great idea, and great prizes to boot. Link to the brochure (PDF, 564Kb).


  1. Ben,
    Hey, thanks for spreading the word. When the thought of the contest was first mentioned on the teamstudio blog - - I thought it was a brilliant idea. Beacon awards provide a means for business partners to be recognized; the Teamstudio Spotlight Awards provide a means for specific applications to be noticed (from any author).

    I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the great work that folks have done!

    CheersJoe Litton#

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