Web 2.0 for DominoWiki?

Someone on the freelance bidding site ScriptLance is offering some work on DominoWiki for tender. So, if you have any experience of customising DominoWiki, why not take a look? The requirements are way too vague for me, but hey, if “Web 2.0” floats your boat, go take a look:

I want a Web 2.0 version of this Lotus Notes template—the same functionality but with a web 2.0 look and feel.

It is up to you to design how it will look. Also think about how to handle lots of categories—the category links in the right column are not such a good idea.

Project: DominoWiki makeover.

On a related point, work on DominoWiki started up again last week. The release candidate will be going on my wiki soon, and then I’ll start putting together some new stylesheets—the current offerings are very long in the tooth. Exciting times! (At long bloody last).


  1. Ben,

    Happy to test this with eProductivity, when ready.
    eric mack#

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