Printing in Notes on the Mac

Here’s something you may not know, even if you use the Notes client for the Mac: printing in it is pretty broken. I posted this on Idea Jam:

…but it probably bears repeating elsewhere in case you’re having issues too, and want to know more. Basically, the issue (there in 6, 7, and will be there in 8 too) is around incorrect / incomplete printing of rich text documents in Lotus Notes which span pages. It goes all over the place. A PMR exists with Lotus Support, but there is no commitment to fixing this problem any time soon (version 8.5 has been mentioned, but this isn’t guaranteed, and I would suggest that 8.5 is a long way off for Mac users in any case). The PMR for this issue is 43465,019,866 should you wish to add your voice!


  1. At least this is one area in which the Mac Client and the Windows Client share exactly the same functionality.

    Printing has been broken in Lotus Notes has been broken since version 1.Ian Randall#
  2. Well, it at least PRINTS something, if you happen to run the Linux client on an unsupported distro you won't print a bit…
    Josef Prusa#

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