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69%How Addicted to Apple Are You?


  1. 78%. Normally, I'd probably be embarrassed about that. But I know I'm among friends and fellow Mac Addicts here…..Rob McDonagh#
  2. Embarrassing to report it here, but 6% for me (yup, six percent, not a typo).Ben Langhinrichs#
  3. 49 % for me. I think that is healthy enough. :-)Volker Weber#
  4. This should cheer you up; Maloney#
  5. 59%… I feel bad, I hoped to be a lot more addicted! It's not fair the number of years you use Apple matter! :-) I wanted to join the AA (Anonymous Applers), but it seems I'm not addicted enough yet. Bummer!Martin Vereecken#
  6. The number of years really cranks things. I’ve owned a Mac since 1991. And I’ve also owned an original Bondi Blue iMac—both key factors in the algorithm methinks :-) Ben Poole#
  7. 17%. I have never owned an Apple computer, but when I got my new laptop I seriously considered a Macbook Pro. At the end of the day it was just too expensive for the features offered. I guess that means I'm not an addict.Charles Robinson#
  8. I don’t get the cost argument. Not nowadays anyway.

    Sure, I’ve seen cheaper laptops / desktops. But pound-for-pound, feature-for-feature, I don’t regard Macs as expensive. As I work with computers I feel that we should use good quality equipment, hence my ThinkPad / Macbook allegiance.Ben Poole#
  9. (whispering voice) "Get rid of the ThinkPad, Ben. You may upset/embarrass your MacBook. Get rid of it… All you need is a little accident."Martin Vereecken#
  10. :-D The ThinkPad went in October when I left my employer… A good machine though!Ben Poole#
  11. @Ben - Of course you don't regard Macs as expensive. You're an A D D I C T !! People addicted to heroin don't consider that expensive, either. ;-)

    I don't disagree that Apple builds some of the best kit on the market, but for a developer whose tools are Windows-only it's not very cost effective. I would be spending 90% of my time in XP so I'm not going to pay a premium for an Apple computer.Charles Robinson#
  12. Two fair points Charles :-D

    Seriously though, of course I wouldn’t tell a Windows developer to buy a Mac. But I’m not a Windows developer—I only need it for Domino Designer.Ben Poole#
  13. 0%.
    The question were a bit too much for those with extremly emotional feelings towards the Apple brand.
    In all fairness here some questions I would answer with yes, if they were asked:
    Have you ever thought about buying an iPod (even if in the end there was cheaper product from another vendor)?
    Do you use iTunes as a podcatcher?
    Have you ever bought music at iTunes store (or how its called)?
    Do you like apple store for any reason like because Joe Nuxol from javaposse works in the project?
  14. 50%. One percent higher than Volker which is a bit of a surprise but I've used Macs for quite a long time.

    1. Have you upgraded to OS X Leopard yet? Nope. Our blakc MacBook at home is still on Tiger but the upgrade is inevitable.
    2. When did you buy your first Mac? In the 1985. It was a 512K Classic Mac upgraded to a MacPlus a year later.
    3. Do you own an iPhone? Nope. It's a sexy device but it doesn't have all of the features of my Treo and from using the iPhone I think I'd miss the speed of a real keyboard.
    4. Do you own an iPod? Yup. It's a iPod photo. A few years old. I also have a Zune. To me, using the same headphones, the Zune has better sound quality.
    5. How many iPods have you owned over the years? Just one personally. In our household five so far.
    6. How many Macs have you had over the years? It's either five or six. And I owned a NeXT. Does that count? ;-)
    7. If you were packing for a long trip, how many Apple products would you take with you? Either one or none.
    8. Do you have a favorite Mac TV commercial? No. Maybe the old 1984 ad but I don't think that's what the question is asking.
    9. Do your friends and family call you for technical support when their mac has issues? Yes.
    10. Have you ever stuck an Apple sticker to something? Yes, but it was an Apple Newton sticker.
    11. Do you try and convince those around you to buy a mac? Sometimes. It depends on the person and what they're trying to do.
    12. Have you ever stood in line for the launch of an Apple product? Yes. For the original Apple Newton back in August 1993.
    13. Have you ever owned an iMac G3? (the egg-shaped one with colored plastic) Nope.
    14. Does it give you a warm fuzzy feeling when you see someone in a coffee shop using a mac? Nope but the coffee and the roaring fireplace do the job.
    15. What kind of computer are you using to take this quiz? Not a mac. It's a PC running Vista. ;-)
    Bob Congdon#

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