The obligatory review

Oh so it’s that time already eh! Well, 2007 has been a funny old year. Let’s see, what happened?

  • I really got to grips with my new Macbook. I now use it daily, as it’s my machine for everything, and so I’m still in awe of the people who made getting this machine possible for me—thank you all once more.
  • I whinged and moaned about work, and finally decided to do something about it…
  • … so I tendered my resignation in August, actually leaving my employer a couple of months later. Twelve years! I was with them longer than I’ve been married!
  • In the summer we had a new addition, Pickle, a lovely “Jug” (Jack Russell-Pug cross). Unfortunately, Pickle was not with us for very long. An illness revealed a congenital abnormality that was too much for his little body. Despite the heart-ache, we don’t regret buying a pup, and I suspect that 2008 may see us go down that road again, we shall see.
  • Back to professional life: I didn’t want to go down the employment route straightway, and decided that I had to scratch the itch and do my own thing. So, come September I formed a company. So far so good! I’m certainly very busy, and will now confirm once and for all that I’m not in the superheroes business :-)
  • I’ve huffed and puffed all year (on and off) over the next DominoWiki release. My development time on this has been sporadic to say the least, which means I’ve had to pick up and leave off at irregular intervals. It’s all looking good now. You can see the latest release candidate on my wiki, and I hope to have this template on OpenNTF within the next couple of weeks (I know, I know…)
  • I’ve met loads of great people this year, and the inaugural UKLUG session in September couldn’t have come at a better time. Hats-off to all involved in organising that (I’m looking at you, Warren, Kitty, Paul, Bill, Matt, Julian and others!) I’m looking forward to ILUG 2008!
  • <GUSH>A number of key individuals have performed a very great service to me this year. I won’t name them unless they want me to (clue: they’re all “known” to us, and they’re not all based in the UK :-p ), but I hope they know who they are. They have provided me with paying work, encouragement, words of wisdom, and most important of all, confidence. At this time of my life I am enormously grateful to them, so thank you chaps</GUSH>
  • The latter part of 2007 has been very quiet on this weblog, I know, and technical content has been somewhat absent. I don’t really “do” resolutions, but I suppose there are two right there for 2008!

A happy, restful new year to one and all. See you on the other side.


  1. Happy New Year, Ben. Glad to hear things are going well! :-)Chris Blatnick#
  2. Happy New Year Be! YOU ROCK.Bruce Elgort#
  3. Happy New Year, mate. Hope it's better than the last and keeps getting better.John Z Marshall#

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