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Apparently there has been some grumbling, conspiracy theories and the like, about the “Best Lotus Blogger” awards. Tchcoh. I think they’re a good fun idea, and that’s that. The whys and wherefores are an utter mystery that I don’t care to explore.

However, if you really want to get serious about ’bloggers adding value and seriously writing like there’s no tomorrow, my award goes to Jeff Atwood. Ye Gods, but the man is a machine! I should be so lucky to produce one post out of 3,000 that even starts to get as deep as his. Amazing work. Hurrah for the internet!


  1. That Atwood blog is not about LN is it?Patrick Kwinten#
  2. Um, no it isn’t… is that a problem?Ben Poole#
  3. Jeff isn't exactly a big fan of Notes:

    But, as Ben says, his writing is really, really good.Bob Congdon#
  4. about those awards, one of the nominees is being gracious as always:

    "If they want to promote Lotus they're not doing a great job of it. Their site looks sooo Notes."

    (jake howlett).

    whata guyandy#

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