A summary


  1. I’m still alive
  2. 2008 is proving busy
  3. Lotus Notes & Domino has so much going for it in comparison with other systems, I cannot tell you…
  4. … but it helps if you know what you’re doing
  5. (this is not chest-thumping or cheesey self-advertising; I know a fair bit, but I’m learning more and more day by day)
  6. Lotusphere 2008 will rock. If you can, go. I simply can’t this year, but I will in 2009 God-willing! (watch out Ireland 2008)
  7. RDBMS ain’t all that
  8. Apple are teases and that’s what makes life fun
  9. Families take more and more of your time as they get older
  10. … so do businesses. But it’s all good
  11. I’ve got a Netgear ReadyNAS and it rocks

More soon!


  1. Aww - no "I'm a little teapot" dance!!!! Just remember to shout "TWAT" very loudly several times during the week to be there in spirit!Kitty#
  2. Knowing where you'll be during the week I second the idea of shouting TWAT very loudly, the response would be something to behold :-)Matt White#
  3. I thought that the reason for being quiet was cause you were off filming the next series of hero's…..:-))Tony Palmer#
  4. Tony: ssshhh!

    Kitty: I’ll send a teapot video

    Matt: the thing is, I don’t think that will raise an eyebrow! LOL Ben Poole#
  5. Good to see your busy mate.

    RDBMS is all that, at least to me at the moment. So much so, I'm thinking of becoming a DBA for a bit. John Z Marshall#
  6. An RDBMS is a wonderful thing when what you need is an RDBMS. What've you been doing that doesn't (really) need one? ;-)Colin Pretorius#
  7. Oh I’ve been doing all sorts of work that needs an RDBMS, no question. It’s just that relational databases can be a right pain in the ’arris, especially when it comes to the “standard” that is SQL (hah!)Ben Poole#

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