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Bruce and Julian have really been going for it of late: the Taking Notes podcasts series has now hit episode 74! Amazing. And the quality has not faltered, not one bit. I managed a long overdue catch-up whilst stuck on a train for three hours last night, and can heartily recommend all of the latest shows—PlanetLotus gets an episode, as do the shenanigans of Paul and Warren, not to mention some conference or other called Lotusphere

So. Listen to Bruce and Julian. And buy them the tipple of their choice if you meet them in Florida: the pair of them perform a great service for the Dominoids out there!


  1. I'm glad you mentioned LotusSphere. I monitor all the Notes blogs and nobody seems to be talking about it at all. I was beginning to wonder if it was even on this year….Peter Presnell#
  2. Peter, a lot of people have been using the tag "Lotusphere2007". Technorati picks this up from most of the blogs: Robinson#
  3. Thanks for the plug as well as your support mate. Bruce Elgort#
  4. Thanks Ben! I really wish you could make it this year. I will, however, be in London this summer, so we need to catch up then.Julian Robichaux#

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