What’s a Mactintosh?

Ooops; screenshot of dodgy IBM download of Notes 8.5 beta for the Mac

Oh dear. Someone’s screwed-up eh. The blogosphere has been going crazy ape bonkers about the release of Notes 8.5 beta for t’Mac. Well, the download site has been dead through sheer volume all afternoon over here in the UK, but I finally got the download going earlier this evening. Imagine my joy to discover that once the 608MB tarball has downloaded (and yes, normally that alone would raise suspicions were this not IBM; tarballs are a rare thing in Mac land), I find that the file is actually a server install for Solaris.


Oh well, it’s still grand news, especially given the initial disappointment many of us felt at not getting a Mac client in the 8.0.1 timeframe (I hope you admired my restraint at not ranting here when that news went public ;-)). Once someone has had their bottom spanked for needlessly killing loads of fluffy bandwidth imps with that erroneous download, I am sure we will enjoy getting to grips with this release.

I just wish I had more time to evaluate everything I have sitting in my downloads folder. Grrr… where do all those hours go?

(Oh, and judging by the photostream why the hell did I not say “hang it all” and bugger off to Florida this week? Tsk!)


  1. "why the hell did I not say “hang it all” and bugger off to Florida this week?"

    I was just thinking that :(Kerr#
  2. I'm glad I did, I finally get what all the fuss is about.Simon#

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