This post is brought to you by…

… the Notes 8.5 beta client on Mac OS X. I installed over the top of Notes 7.0.3 with no issues at all. None. It just did it. This is a first in the Poole household when it comes to Notes on the Mac :-) This is definitely the best-looking Notes client yet. My site database looks clean, the client is responsive, and I am impressed. Now to dig deep!

Here goes! (Part 2)

Update: double right-click works!


  1. hmmmmmm, seems it only installs on Leopard. Still a Tiger user here, so no go for me!Simon Barratt#
  2. Tchcoh, get with it man! ;-) Indeed, as with ST8, ’tis a Leopard install only.Ben Poole#
  3. Was that the dmg or the tar file you downloaded?Stephan H. Wissel#
  4. A tar file. Unzipped that, and the result is a packaged installer. No DMGBen Poole#

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