Anyone tried Naymz?

What a load of old shyte:

Screenshot of spam in Naymz

I've only been signed up a couple of weeks, and this is all I get. I repeat: shyte.


  1. Looks like you have a friend for life!Simon Barratt#
  2. Ben,
    We are extremely sorry that you received this and we are diligently working on putting additional spam and privacy filters and measures in place to prevent this from happening in the future. When you see these types of messages in your Naymz inbox in the future, please click the "Spam" button under the message. This allows us to immediately remove the individual from our network. We take privacy and spam very seriously and are working hard to limit this type of activity.

    Thanks for using Naymz and let us know if you have any further questions or feedback about our service.

    Best Regards,
    Tom Drugan
    Naymz Co-founder
    Tom Drugan#
  3. Hi Tom, thanks for dropping by. I am happy to flag stuff up as spam in Naymz, my issue is more that spam is all I’ve had via the site (well, all the emails bar one). Given that I only joined a few weeks back, and that I haven’t publicised my profile, this suggests that there are some privacy kinks to iron out.

    A lot of people are also sensitive to spoof social networking sites (Quechup anyone?) hence the heightened sensitivity. I appreciate that you guys are stuck between a rock and a hard place with privacy such a hot topic.Ben Poole#
  4. Ben,

    We totally understand the sensitivity around privacy, and even the big boys like Facebook are struggling between the fine line of openness and intrusiveness. What some people view as beneficial, others view as annoying. We try to give the email controls to our members and make it as easy to change the frequency of or completely stop receiving e-mail communications from Naymz.

    If you wish to change your settings, log-in to your account and change your Email settings which is found in your “Account” section. An unsubscribe link can also be found at the bottom of any e-mails we have sent you in the past.

    While social networks seem to be a dime-a-dozen these days, we would like to consider ourselves a "legit" social network ;-) If it helps, you can check out some of the mainstream press coverage we have received over the last year.

    - TomTom Drugan#
  5. Any updates since January? I've been tracking Naymz and reading reviews and so far am still unimpressed. Most of the questions I get are something along the lines of, "If someone has a LinkedIn account, why should they also have a Naymz account"?

    I use LinkedIn and have never gotten any spam junk because of it. The inquiries i get are real. So far… And that makes the site and service more credible.

    So, Ben Poole, do you have a Naymz update?

    - Metaprinter - robert#
  6. No update really. Naymz hasn’t exactly set the world alight, and I don’t use it. I’ve had precisely one Naymz-related mail since this post, and there’s next to no “buzz” about it, so I guess that’s that?Ben Poole#
  7. I was really glad to find this. I've been getting invitations through former co-workers to this thing and had a bunch of questions before signing up. This post (and its comments) has taught me that:

    a) Naymz is not a spoof social network site
    b) The folks running it seem pretty conscientious
    b) Even so, I don't really want to sign up for itDarius K.#
  8. Robert,

    Since we are a "new kid on the block" in terms of professional social networking, we are constantly getting asked the question "why Naymz when there is already LinkedIn?". We totally understand that LinkedIn (and Xing in Europe) have set the standard and that it is a pain to some people to be part of multiple social networks. We put together an overview of some of the features that makes us unique in the marketplace (

    We are not for everybody, and we don't get offended when people don't want to sign-up for Naymz. However, we do have several product and services that many of our members seem to enjoy. We are a small team of 3 people trying to create a unique and useful tool.

    Tom Drugan
    Naymz Co-founder Tom Drugan#
  9. Sorry, just realized the link above I provided is broken. Drugan#
  10. I received a handful of invitations from colleagues (past and present) to join Namyz. When I ask 'why', none of them came up with any solid reasons. I am already connected to them via LinkedIn, so I initially chose not to join Namyz.

    Finally, today, I crumbled and accepted one invitation. I surf the Namyz pages for a while and could not see what real value it added over and above LinkedIn (other than the rather wishy-washy 'you can contact anyone you like instead of getting introductions).

    Besides not having any real benefit over LinkedIn, Namyz also has the problem of lots of online adverts on its pages. LinkedIn has none! Namyz profiles also contain less info than LinkedIn profiles. No one on Namyz is compelled to provide recommendations about others (so, how is this different to LinkedIn?).

    I guess I could surf the site more and find out more about it. But after 10 mins, I really could not see any real benefit or advantage over LinkedIn.

    Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

    BTW - if you signed up, you can -
    - go to the Account tab and disable Search Engine Promotion
    - edit your Privacy and Contact Settings so that you limit who can find you
    - go to Subscription and click Edit. You can then DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT. (Namyz are so scared that people will quit their service that they hide this feature under premium account settings!!!)
    Anonymous Coward#
  11. I continue to get requests from people I don't know for Naymz. Since it seems the spam protections are not there yet, and the invitations sent do not provide a value prop to the site, I will refuse to be added to this site and will continue to opt out if I continue to receive these requests.Anonymous Coward#
  12. I've continuously received invitations for Naymz and the majority of inviters say the same when I ask them why about Naymz as they do about WAYN: "Sorry - I think it's a virus." Hi5 was one of the originators of tricky, viral spam and unfortunately they never got lambasted for their shennanigans, figuring they'll worry about it later and sell it off for someone else's problem. Then came WAYN and NAYMZ has been a close third. Those are just the facts and reporting them as I see them.Mike#
  13. ok then I'm bored of this namstuff. I continue to get "somebody has visited your profile!" emails, but if I follow the link I discover that to know WHO visited it I have to be a premium user.

    I'd like to drop my account but HOW? if it's reserved to premium users and I don't have any credit card?Fabio #
  14. Thanks for the directions on how to delete the account completely. I've emailed Naymz repeatedly with no response what so ever - which didn't make me want to keep the account.Basil#
  15. the only mails I get from NAYMZ are mails to sign up, but whats funny is that they are getting my email from LINKEDIN as I have a unique email address to my LINKEDIN account. Plus I changed the email to another one recently and sure enough out comes another email using the new one.

    I have asked LINKEDIN about it and they say NAYMZ is scraping it but I cant see how they can do that unless somehow they are communicating with me OR LINKEDIN are supplying it !!!!Farrow#
  16. … or someone else has provided Naymz access to their address book, which includes you?Ben Poole#
  17. Farrow,
    Naymz allows members to access their LinkedIn accounts (or Gmail, or Yahoo Mail, or Outlook, etc.) to import their contacts and send out Naymz invitations to the contacts of their choosing. If you do not want to receive these invitations, you can simply decline the invite from your contact. There is also an invite opt-out link at the bottom of each invitation sent which will stop any invitations from getting sent to your email address in the future.

    Tom Drugan
    Naymz FounderTom Drugan#
  18. I know this post is pretty old, any new turn of events on why people should get a Naymz account? It does seem very similar to LinkedIn with a few exceptions.

    I had a few clients that got requests. Korey Kashmer#
  19. the thing that bothers me about naymz is that i opened an account as a result of an invitation i got from an acquaintance. i didn't find the account very useful so i never did anything with it. however, it was still giving me a score on my reputation. so anyone who visited my profile would get a bogus score. i have no idea how it was generated as i don't think many people who knew my visited my page. so i have this lousy reputation being broadcast to everyone which was based on nothing from what i gather. is that slander? i think it might be. do i have a legal case here? Carl Brodie#
  20. I was asked about them and did a short investigation. The sign up process is filled with requests to upgrade to premium account.

    Actually everything you do on the site is followed by a page blocking ad for upgrading to premium.

    Once signed up, you get nothing worth anything (any useful information is saved for those who upgrade to premium).

    Heck, even Adult Friend Finder doesn't have THAT many advertisements on their pages.

    Last complaint is that when I did a Google search and found posts like this one, Tom Drugan, the President has also found them and responds in the usual corporate speak. Followed by a broken link.

    That is followed by a new posting with an apology and a "fixed" link. Gee, for someone who claims to have been in the Internet business for years, you should know how to post a link.

    Unless the broken link excuse is really a lame reason to post twice, thus a marketing gimmick to get you to upgrade to premium!

    If you have to work THAT hard at selling your service, you have problems… Thanks, but no thanksmark anthony#

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