It’s getting really tired

Here we go again…

I note that in your desperation to put a negative spin on things you have no interest in actually telling the truth.

Jack Schofield: Fight! Fight! It’s Fake Steve versus the Lotustards.

A quote from a reader to Jack Schofield? Nope. A line from the man himself. Oh the irony, ’tis breathtaking.

Now, when it comes to claims of people taking stuff too seriously, I would normally agree about this whole Lotus-fanboy-storm-in-a-teacup. But both Lyons and Schofield have crossed a line here: “Lotustard” is a play on the word “retard”. Nice. And we already know about the stream of playschool rudery from Forbes’ brightest and best, in his pitiful attempt to be the next Hani Suleiman. So Schofield’s on the case again… and people wonder why “journalists” have such a bad name?

Schofield’s right about one thing though, this is a battle that IBM can’t win, so I suggest it gets left alone: let the code talk.


  1. I'm usually one of the first to defend Lotus Notes but the Fake Steve Jobs site is a comedy site - it would be like someone trying to hit back at "The Onion"…. why are we wasting out time worrying about it?

    The Lotus brand is certainly good enough to withstand a comedy bashing.Gavin Bollard#
  2. I know FSJ is a comedy site. The problem is, comedy sites have to be funny—FSJ is more miss than hit on that front (I’d take The Onion over it any day!)

    Re the Lotus brand, I tend to agree. Plenty of people go after Lotus, and some get pretty nasty about it, but that just makes them look silly whilst thousands of people just shut up and get on with doing business. However, I think Lyons oversteps the mark in going after LS attendees and Ed. In fairness, I think he’s overstepped the mark in a number of FSJ posts, not just this one. Like I said, Suleiman Lyons is not.

    Of course, none of this excuses The Guardian. That’s supposed to be a newspaper (snigger).Ben Poole#
  3. Isn't "Lotustard" a dig at FSJ who is famous for everything he doesn't like being footard or bartard? Not that

    The thing that is getting to us lotus fan boys is that Dan Lyons is known to be extremely anti lotus, so anything that may be taken in good humour from someone else just feel like another ill informed personal attack from him, whether he uses his real name or not.

    I can feel a mood change in the air though. This kind of attack is getting easier to shrug off because it's more obvious that it's nonsense. There is no point in getting upset if no-one believes a word of it.Kerr#

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