Well I never!

I had no idea that these three had ever played together:

Eddie Van Halen, Jan Hammer and Tony Levin do their thing for a Les Paul tribute show, some twenty years ago. I’m not sure who the drummer is—looks like Mike Portnoy? But I guess this is too long ago. Oh I need Bruce or John Head to check I think!


  1. That's Rick Marotta. Rick was also the music director of that tribute show. It makes sense that Levin was pulled in for this, since both Rick and his brother Jerry played with Levin. Chris Blatnick#
  2. Aha! Thanks Chris. I know Jerry Marotta, didn’t know he had a brother who played drums too.

    It’s a great jam; incidentally, right at the end of the clip there’s a shot of Les Paul (pretty certain it’s him) getting up in the audience.Ben Poole#
  3. yeah, not Mike :-) … back in the days when Eddie was relevant :PJohn Head#
  4. Speaking of days of relevance… JAN HAMMER!??! ahaahahaha

    Man, typical online recording, though… the bass is mixed all wrong. [smiley frown] Nathan T. Freeman#
  5. @4: thus it ever was!

    But don’t be dissing Hammer. OK, so the ’80s was a cheese-fest as far as his music was concerned but come on now: Mahavishnu Orchestra anyone? Splendid.Ben Poole#
  6. /begin dream here

    I am a little late to the game here but when Eddie and Tony contacted me to play this gig I had to turn them down. I did recommend Rick who did in fact play the gig.

    /end dreamBruce Elgort#

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