Peculiar GMail bug & work-around

This is a good one. Apple recently updated Safari to version 3.1. This has had a knock-on effect for some users of Google’s GMail, whereby they can no longer use shifted characters (i.e. capital letters, punctuation) when composing emails (I’ve heard that this affects Google Apps users too, but don’t quote me on that). A bizarre bug indeed!

Anyway, there’s a work-around until a fix is rolled-out. I use UK English in my GMail settings, but switching to US English sorts things out. I presume that this is because Google always roll out the latest and greatest versions of their apps to US English first, whilst they sort out localisations.

So, if you’re impacted by this issue, try this work-around.


  1. somehow i think i might not have noticed! ;-)jonvon#

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