Update: approved

Way to go. I trust everyone involved is immensely proud of themselves:

DIS 29500 passes with minimal approval.

I hope this is an April Fool, but I suspect not.


  1. Urrghh. If this is a joke, it's in poor taste. I feel sick. :(Kerr#
  2. No joke, but sickening nonetheless.Chris Linfoot#
  3. I think I'm going to cry. The UK approved!? Urgh…Kerr#
  4. @3 yup, the BSI did an about-turn (as did a number of other country organisations, e.g. Denmark and Norway). Smooth eh? A formal complaint is pending (which has already happened in Norway).

    Ben Poole#
  5. The BSI is a f***ing disgrace. Julian Woodward#

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