There’s a new wiki on the block!

OpenNTF has launched its “Coding Best Practices” wiki: go and check it out! It’s been seeded with a lot of content, and it’s a proper wiki to boot. (Note to self: must get the new version over to them so the code renders a bit better…)

OpenNTFCoding Best Practices Wiki.


  1. I just took a quick look at this wiki.

    It does not allow behind the page discussion, which is a real limitation. There is no way to ask questions or gain concensus before editing.

    It also seems to be as much as set of naming conventions (which would legitimately vary from organization to organization) as anything else. In the three pages I took a quick look at, all of the issues were really about naming convention, not about actual best practices of development.

    I am more interested in true best practices--naming conventions are easy. I hope it grows into a best practice repository.Scott Jenkins#
  2. 1. Why does there have to be "behind the page discussion"? Because that’s what they do in Wikipedia presumably. Do you see that in Wikipedia, sure. It's an encyclopaedia. A coding wiki? Overkill.

    2. The wiki has been initially seeded by one organisation. There are more things in there than simple naming conventions if you look.

    3. “I hope it grows into a best practice repository”. So how are you going to help that happen? Or will you sit on the sidelines and base your conclusions on a quick review of three pages?Ben Poole#
  3. Hey Ben,

    That would be great.
    Is there a change log with the new template? I think they modified the wiki design here and there.

    Vince Schuurman#
  4. Re: discussion pages. Actually, it's one of the few things I changed when we incorporated Dominowiki at our office. Wards wiki is super simple and a breeze to install / tweak. It's a single perl file.

    But pages that get lots of animated discussions going are often hard to follow on Wards site. I personally like separating talk about a page from the core page content. People not interested in the discussion don't have to read it.Dave Parillo#

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